Ararat Short-Term Mining

Introduction to Ararat Global

Ararat Global is a project initiated by Power Meta to build the world’s largest decentralized disaster recovery network worldwide utilizing the Filecoin blockchain. We have expanded Ararat Global’s services to include Filecoin staking through our Short-Term Mining platform

Discover the potential of Filecoin (FIL) mining through our state-of-the-art short-term mining solution, operating on smart contracts within the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). This revolutionary system empowers Filecoin holders to engage in time-limited mining, offering attractive annual percentage rates (APRs) determined by a select group of Filecoin Storage Providers (SPs) listed at These SPs are the ultimate recipients of FIL contributed by users via the FVM.

Rest assured, our Short-Term Mining tool ensures that SPs prioritize the distribution of mining rewards to users based on the APRs, before claiming their own rewards. Each featured node has entrusted their owner addresses to our tool, ensuring a seamless process for users to receive FIL. Join us today to be a part of the future of Filecoin mining!

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