Company Background

Power Meta Corp.

Power Meta Corporation is a technology company based in Irvine, California that is building the largest decentralized global data disaster recovery network. As a global disaster data network and cloud storage provider, Power Meta has provided over 150 data storage nodes in 13 countries on 4 continents.

Ararat Global

Ararat Global is a project initiated by Power Meta to recruit 10,000 disaster recovery nodes worldwide with a total storage capacity of 10 EiB in the next 10 years. Together, these nodes will form a decentralized disaster recovery network with a total storage capacity of 10 EiB. This will be used to store and save humanity's most important data for scientific, medical, and commercial purposes.

The Ararat Global Disaster Recovery Network uses ALEO encryption technology to safeguard data privacy and IPFS technology to store data in a distributed manner on the blockchain. As a result, it offers important advantages such as extremely low storage costs, advanced security through data encryption, and users have complete ownership of their data. As of today, Ararat Global has completed the construction of 19 PiB disaster recovery nodes in the US.

Join Ararat Global by becoming a 1 PiB disaster recovery Node Builder today! Ask us about storing your data with Ararat Global as a Storer. Your participation as a Builder or Storer will be rewarded by the in-built storage protocol on the blockchain.

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